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What is Feather Touch eyebrow tattooing?

Feather Touch is a method of cosmetic tattooing using a handtool 

called a micro-blade rather than a tattoo rotary pen (machine)

Hair-like strokes are made into the skin in the direction of your natural brow to mimic real hairs.

This method is perfect for creating a whole transformation for a client that has sparse brows, filling in gaps from over plucking or an ideal solution for someone with uneven brows.

What is a Touch-Up appointment & do i need it?

A follow up appointment is required

4-8weeks after the initial appointment.

This touch up finalizes pigment colour and adds dimension to your tattoo.


Only so many "strokes" can be made into the brow during the first appointment the reason being is because when the tattoo heals the pigment will soften and expand in the skin. If too many strokes are made once healed they will blend into each other and the "Feather Touch" look will not be the end result.

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